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Tolga Temuge

Tolga is the Managing Director of East to West Communications. He is the co-founder of Greenpeace in Turkey, and led Greenpeace Mediterranean’s regional campaigns on a variety of issues including waste management, climate change and nuclear power in the Mediterranean and Middle East. He was the Executive Director of BirdLife Malta between 2006 and 2010.
Tolga developed campaign and communications strategies and provided training and coaching for a number of national and international organizations working on human rights, peace and nature conservation. Tolga also has a wealth of experience developing and managing EU projects for businesses and third sector clients as well as writing grant applications for foundations in Europe.

Nicholas Crockford

Nicholas has over 15 years of experience in project development and management. After graduating with an MBA, Nicholas led the first eco-label project for hotels in Malta with the Malta Tourism Authority.
Since 2007, Nicholas has worked on development with several NGOs in Malta, UK and Germany. His experience includes accessing grants from the EU, government sources, international foundations and companies. Nicholas has knowledge and experience in various EU funding programmes as well as several international foundations, corporations and government grants. He is based in Berlin.

Jane Devitt

Jane has a wealth of experience working for charities, and has occupied various roles in the senior management team of the RSPB – the UK’s largest nature conservation organization.
She has been working on developing and running EU LIFE projects since 1999 and been centrally involved with over 15 successful projects in different countries. She coaches organizations and government agencies on the opportunities and challenges offered by funding sources, and also offers training on other aspects of organizational, business and financial management needed for the successful implementation of projects. Jane is based in the UK.

Ercan Bizsel

Ercan has a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the IT sector since 1992. His expertise has delivered solutions for major multinational corporations including IBM, HP, Symantec, Coca Cola, Toyota, Vodafone among others.
He is the pioneer of the online training and seminars in Turkey. Ercan has also successfully implemented localization projects for different software, including Acronis backup and recovery products, BitDefender antivirus products, and GFI messaging and security products. He has extensive knowledge of internet, e-business and social media tools from the development stage through to marketing cycles. He is an expert on CMS, digital marketing, e-commerce websites, social media management and ebook development. Ercan is based in Istanbul.