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Refugees & Migrants

Our direct experience in the field enables us to offer solutions for NGOs looking for a different approach to communicating their issues than that typically offered by advertising agencies.

Photo: Refugee Festival at Argotti Gardens in Floriana, 2022. 
Photo by Habtom Tsigehans


We have developed strategic plans, written grant applications and secured funding, trained project staff on project development, organized events such as conferences, and developed all sort of communication tools (including documentaries, websites, logos) for organizations working on environment and nature conservation.

Photo: International campaign against the killing of migratory protected bird species in Lebanon.


We have collaborated with organizations that emphasize cultural heritage, providing them with training and assistance in organizing events and preparing grant applications. Additionally, we have been involved in organizing non-profit music festivals with a charitable purpose.

Photo: Training the Beland Band Club board members and volunteers on NGO governance, planning and communications. 


We are proud to have taken part in some of the most important international campaigns on peace and disarmament. We have actively participated in anti-war movements, produced documentary films in conflict zones, and coordinated media work for international war crimes tribunals.

Photo: The World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) was a people’s court consisting of intellectuals, human rights campaigners and NGOs. Set up following the 2003 invasion of Iraq it sprung from the anti-war movement.
Photo by CEM TURKEL/AFP via Getty Images